Unleash Your Inner Island Goddess with the Top 5 Wraparound Sarong Skirts

Sarong skirts are the ultimate symbol of tropical, beachside chic. With a breezy, bohemian vibe and effortless styling, it’s easy to channel your inner island goddess with these versatile wraps. With so many styles and designs to choose from, we’re breaking down the 5 best wraparound sarong skirts to elevate your warm weather wardrobe.

From romantic florals to vivid abstract prints, sarongs add a relaxed yet put-together polish. The flattering silhouette drapes gracefully on all figures, with adjustable ties to customize the perfect fit. Lightweight fabrics like rayon, viscose, and polyester breathe in the balmy weather. Read on for pros, cons, and tips to find your perfect sarong skirt for adventures seaside and beyond!

1. Captivate in a Classic Rayon Sarong

Our top pick is a classic rayon sarong for its quintessential breezy style. These lightweight skirts come in a spectrum of colors and prints from vivid florals to tribal-inspired designs. Choose from mini lengths for showing some leg to maxi options for goddess-worthy drama.

The signature adjustable waist tie lets you customize the fit on your hips while adding definition. Made from soft, breathable rayon, the fabric flows beautifully. Our favorite is the Moss Rose Boho Sarong with its flower power vibes. Yet solid color rayon sarongs offer versatility too.

The pros of these rayon sarongs include flattering the frame, providing coverage while still stylish, and offering easy adjustability. The softness of rayon lends superior comfort and movement. The cons are possible pilling over time and needing to be retied to stay secure. Still, for effortless chic straight off an island vacation brochure, you can’t go wrong with a classic rayon sarong skirt.

2. Bask in High End Designer Style

If you’re looking to elevate your look, go for a designer brand sarong skirt. Luxury houses like Gucci and Versace have adopted the sarong for a high fashion twist. Combine exotic prints, decadent fabrics, and distinctive details like fringe or embellishments. Branded waistbands and tags add to the prestige.

Standout styles we love include Gucci’s Sebastian Tropical Print Silk Skirt and Versace’s Baroque Print Skirt. Vibrantly colored silks and satins take these simple skirts to max glamour. Flowing maxi lengths make a dramatic entrance while above the knee options show some skin. Warning: these may motivate a whirlwind getaway to a tropical locale!

For those wanting to emulate such designer duds on a budget, looking for unbranded dupes capture the look for less. These high-end options certainly come with an exclusive price tag. As cons, they require delicate care and may run delicate. Yet for vacations, honeymoons or making a bold statement, luxury sarong skirts deliver exotic, tropical flavor.

3. Channel Boho Vibes in a Viscose Sarong

Our boho babes should twirl in a breezy viscose sarong. With their gauzy texture and variety of earthy toned prints, these skirts exude freespirit vibes. The softness of viscose and its breathable drape create effortless volume perfect for a folk-style frock.

Viscose sarongs sway from short lengths for festivals to sweeping maxis for a beachside bonfire. Choose from patterns like ikat, paisley, batik and mandala for global traveler inspiration. Sunset colors like rust, olive and mustard evoke 70s flavor.

The pros of viscose sarongs include their relaxed vibe and lightweight feel. As cons, they tend to wrinkle easily and require frequent ironing to look polished. But for those with a gypsy heart, a flowy viscose sarong makes the spirited statement. Use it as a swimsuit cover up or style into evening with some boho accessories.

4. Active Beach Babes Pick Sporty Sarong Skirts

If you’re looking to stay active at the beach or poolside, choose a sporty sarong skirt. Made of quick-drying nylon or polyester, these skirts keep you covered and cute for swimming, sailing, or seaside yoga. The fabric dries rapidly after taking a dip while stretchy athletic waistbands stay secured.

Shorter lengths allow these skirts to move with you, while some offer UPF sun protection. Prints tend toward solid colors or simple patterns like graphic stripes rather than ornate designs. Pair with a bikini top or swim tee for chasing kids poolside or enjoying water sports worry-free.

The pros include quick-drying fabric, secure stretchy waistbands, and coverage for activity. As cons, the athletic style may not suit more formal occasions. But for water babes constantly on the move, sporty sarong skirts allow both function and flair.

5. Score Designer Looks With Budget-Friendly Finds

If you’re seeking designer style at budget prices, look for value-priced sarong skirt options. These offer similar styling as pricier competitors including a range of exotic prints, adjustable waist ties, and versatile lengths. Materials like polyester provide functionality and ease of care.

Many Amazon and big box retailers like Target carry inexpensive sarong skirts under $30. While the fabric may be thinner and less luxe, these budget buys deliver the breezy sarong silhouette on a wallet friendly scale. They allow you to grab multiple colors and patterns for tropical destination wear.

As pros, the affordable cost makes these sarongs easy impulse purchases in an array of colors. Just take a bit more care washing the lighter polyester fabric. But for fab style at affordable pricing, these budget sarongs prove you don’t have to splurge to sway in an island-worthy skirt.

Now that you’ve discovered the fab five sarong skirt options, dive into tips for choosing your perfect pick. Consider factors from flattering silhouettes to occasion-ready designs so you can feel femme, fabulous, and free in this must-have summer staple.

How to Select the Most Flattering Sarong Skirt for Your Body Type

The right sarong skirt flatters every feminine frame. Follow these tips on the most complimentary lengths, prints, fabrics and details to showcase your shape to perfection. Soon you’ll channel beautiful island vibes in your flawlessly fitted sarong.

Play Up Your Hourglass Curves

Lucky ladies with a shapely hourglass figure should highlight their assets in a body-skimming sarong skirt. Mid-thigh lengths balance your proportions, cinching the waistline while showing some leg. Bold abstract, floral and animal prints in vivid colors add drama across your curves.

Wrap the sarong a bit tighter to emphasize your waist. Knot it directly at the hips rather than the side seam for a more contoured look. Choose lightweight, fluid rayon or viscose to skim your frame without cling. For evenings, add heels and a cami to spotlight those feminine hourglass proportions.

Create Curves With Volume on Rectangular Figures

Boyish and athletic rectangular figures can create the illusion of curves in their sarong skirt. A longer length hitting just below or at the knee balances out straight hips by adding volume at the hem. Gathered details, ruffles or hi-lo hems generate further fullness.

Tie your sarong loosely but evenly across the waist to define your midsection. Neutral solids prevent horizontal stripes from elongating your shape. Soften sharp angles with a side knot and slight blousing over it, adjusted to your ideal fullness. The result is beautiful, breezy volume perfect for rectangular frames.

Balance Top-Heavy Shapes With Midi Sarongs

Voluptuous pear shapes shine in a midi length sarong hitting a few inches below the knee. The longer hemline helps balance fuller hips and thighs for an even hourglass silhouette. Solid darker colors like black, navy or army green also streamline curves compared to bold prints.

Cinch the waist tie snugly to accentuate your slimmest point. Allow a bit of draped excess fabric in the front to smooth over the tummy area. Wrap the skirt slightly diagonally to create a slimming style while letting the skirt flare minimally over the legs. The result is an envy-worthy proportion.

Maximize Leg Length on Petite Figures

Short and petite figures can maximize the look of length by selecting full length sarong skirt options. Go for maxi, ankle or floor sweeping designs that elongate the legs for a statuesque appearance. Vertical stripes or paneling also streamlines petite frames.

High-waisted sarong styles that cinch several inches above your natural waist give the illusion of longer legs. Pair with subtle platform sandals for a bit of added height. Look for lightweight viscose or polyester that won’t overwhelm a smaller shape. Soon even the tiniest fashionista will feel like a towering island goddess.

Dial in the Details from Fabric to Print for Your Dream Sarong

Beyond your body type, dial in details from fabric, occasion-appropriate styling, and prints to design your ideal sarong skirt. Keep your priorities for comfort, coverage, and of course fabulous style in mind as you mix and match to create the perfect piece. Soon you’ll sway in beachside fabulousness!

Select the Ideal Fabric for Wear and Care

Consider when and where you plan to wear your sarong skirt to choose the best fabric. Lightweight rayon and viscose offer unmatched softness and breathability ideal for vacations and tropical climates. Quick-drying polyester and nylon work well for around the pool or water sports.

Factor in wrinkling, drying time after washing, and overall durability too. Delicate rayon and viscose drape divinely but require extra care and ironing. Athleisure polyester and nylon styles withstand active wear and wash easier but provide less fluidity. Mix and match to suit your needs.

Match the Setting and Occasion

The vibe of the event or activity should steer your sarong selection. Mini lengths are sassy for beach parties and clubs, while modest midi or maxis suit sightseeing. Athletic nylon is perfect for water sports, and boho viscose makes a statement at music festivals.

Save the designer luxury looks for elevated tropical resorts and evening cocktails when you want to make an entrance. Classic rayon transitions seamlessly from the pool to grabbing dinner after. Consider the setting to choose the right sarong style.

Pick a Print That Speaks to Your Spirit

Sarong skirts come in a spectacular range of colors and prints from fierce animal prints to soothing watercolor motifs. Choose patterns that reflect your personal tastes and brighten your mood! Boho babes will love global-inspired ikats and paisleys, while artsy types will lean towards abstract designs.

Romantics flock to floral and botanical prints. Bold maximalists make a statement in vivid graphic black and white patterns. Chic solid neutrals provide versatility. Look for a print that catches your eye and expresses your style personality. Then flaunt your inner island queen!

The Key Takeaway

Wraparound sarong skirts provide the perfect blend of tropical flavor, feminine flattery, and carefree comfort. With the top five sarong styles highlighted and tips to choose your ideal fabric, length, print and design details, you’re ready to unleash your inner island goddess all season long.

Simply tie on one of these flirty skirts to sway in the sunshine feeling fabulous. Our advice will help you select the most figure flattering, occasion-ready and style enhancing option. Get ready to embrace the breezy boho vibe and slow down to island time as soon as you slip on this must-have summer staple. Let your inner island queen shine in a wraparound sarong skirt!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sarong Skirts

Q: How do you tie a sarong skirt for the best fit?

A: Fold the sarong into a triangle shape first. Wrap the longest side across your front waistline. Cross the two ends of the fabric behind you in a knot or bow at your hip. The key is to adjust the knot higher or lower to achieve your ideal skirt length. Pull any excess fabric from the knot towards the back rather than front for a smoother drape.

Q: What are the most popular sarong skirt lengths?

A: Sarong skirt lengths range from mini (about 18 inches long) to maxi and floor length. Many sarong styles hit at the knee or just above it for a versatile midi length. Mini sarongs show leg for parties or clubs. Longer maxis and ankle styles provide more coverage for daytime. The length you choose depends on your height and style needs.

Q: Which fabrics are best for sarong skirts?

A: Lightweight rayon and viscose are ideal for the signature flow and breathability of a sarong skirt. Polyester and nylon styles excel when you need quick-dry performance for swimming or athletics. Rayon and viscose drape better but wrinkle more easily. Match the fabric to key needs like durability, drying speed, and drape.

Q: How should you launder delicate rayon or viscose sarong skirts?

A: It’s safest to hand wash rayon and viscose sarong skirts in cool water using a gentle detergent. Allow them to lay flat or hang to air dry to prevent damage from heat. For machine washing, use the delicates cycle and gentle detergent in a mesh bag. Don’t bleach or dry clean rayon sarongs. Low heat drying is OK if needed.

Q: Can you comfortably swim in a sarong skirt?

A: Yes, as long as you select a sporty nylon or polyester sarong made specifically for water wear. The fabric should dry quickly and the waistband should fit snugly for swimming. Sarongs not designed for water shouldn’t be submerged. But many oversized styles worn over swimsuits are great stylish cover ups poolside.

Q: What are other styling tips and tricks for sarong skirts?

A: Add a belt over your tied sarong for extra security dancing or in windy conditions. Look for hidden pocket designs to hold essentials hands free. High-waisted styles help elongate petite figures. Pair solid color sarongs with print tops for a stylish contrast. Dress up the skirt’s casual vibe with wedges or strappy sandals and jewelry.

Q: How versatile are sarong skirts for both dressy and casual occasions?

A: One of the benefits of sarong skirts is their versatility! Fancier metallic brocade or silk styles pair perfectly with camis and heels for cocktail parties. Boho printed viscose skirts transition from beach to bonfire nights effortlessly. Classic solids go from the poolside to lunch date with a simple top and sandal swap. Sarongs truly go anywhere!

The Takeaway

Sarong skirts provide the perfect versatile staple for tropical vacations, beach getaways, and summer fun. With an island vibe that flatters every figure, these flirty skirts add a carefree yet put together polish. Follow our tips to find your perfect sarong match! Soon you’ll be swaying in paradise in your fab new beachside look.

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