The Velvet Revolution: Your Guide to Mastering High Rise Velvet Skirts

Velvet. The word alone conjures images of luxury, elegance and sophistication. From the halls of Versailles to the red carpets of Hollywood, velvet has long been the fabric of choice for statement-making fashions. Perhaps no velvet garment is more versatile and flattering than the high rise velvet skirt. With the right styling, this classic piece can take you from day to night, office to opera. Intrigued by the velvet skirt trend? Allow us to convince you that this tactile fabric should be part of every stylish woman’s wardrobe.

A Brief History of Velvet’s Allure

Humans have been drawn to velvet for centuries. As early as the 13th century, velvet was being woven in cultures across the world, from China to Italy. The fabric was prized for its softness and sheen, along with its ability to hold dye and embroidery. Velvet came to symbolize royalty, nobility and privilege. Only the wealthiest members of society could afford lavish velvet garments and furnishings.

Velvet mania reached new heights during the Renaissance. Kings and queens like Catherine de Medici wore decadent velvet gowns tailored from the finest fabrics imported from Genoa, Italy. The Tudors and Elizabethans also adorned themselves in velvet finery with ornate gold embellishments.

Later on, velvet transitioned from solely aristocratic wear into mainstream fashions. In the 1920s, cocoon coats and cloche hats made with velvet were all the rage. Designers continue to innovate with velvet today on both the runway and in stores. From Valentino to Miu Miu, velvet appears in modern collections as dresses, jackets, bags and more. Now considered a wardrobe staple, velvet offers a little touch of luxury to our everyday style.

Why You Need a High Rise Velvet Skirt in Your Life

So what exactly makes the velvet skirt such a versatile closet essential? For starters, the high waist is universally flattering. A silhouette that cinches at your natural waist helps define your shape in a classy way. Flowing velvet skirts with a high rise are comfortable while still looking polished.

Secondly, velvet skirts provide ease of styling for all occasions. Dress it down with casual layers and sneakers for weekend wear. Pair it with a silky cami and strappy heels for a night out. For the holiday season, try a festive velvet skirt with sparkly jewelry and embellished shoes.

Last but certainly not least, velvet is a sensual, tactile fabric that instantly elevates any outfit. The way it drapes and catches the light is mesmerizing. Velvet has dimension that photos can’t quite capture – you truly have to pet it and move in it to appreciate its allure. Who can resist the chance to literally wrap themselves in luxury?

Clearly the reasons to jump on the velvet skirt trend are plentiful. Next let’ssurvey the scene and pick out a few perfect options for your wardrobe.

The Top 5 Velvet High Rise Skirts of the Season

Many designers now offer their signature velvet skirts, however the following five are surefire stunners.

The Iconic Black Velvet Skirt

First on our list is this timeless black velvet skirt from Brand. Known for their impeccably tailored pieces, Brand’s famously soft cotton-velvet fabric hugs curves without clinging. With a flattering high waist and slit in the back, this skirt falls to a ladylike midi length. It can be dressed up or down seamlessly.

  • Pros: Goes with everything. Transitional weight fabric. Concealed back zipper.
  • Cons: Dry clean only. Slightly sheer – may need a slip.

Wear this with chunky knits and booties or a bold bodysuit and strappy heels. Great for date nights, office parties and beyond. An all-season closet staple that belongs in every sophisticate’s repertoire.

The Statement Metallic Skirt

Next up: this liquid gold metallic skirt from Brand that epitomizes glam. Made from a luxe faux leather with foiled finish, the shine on this skirt is no joke. The A-line midi silhouette flatters most figures. Pair it with similarly shiny accessories for a head-to-toe gilded goddess vibe.

  • Pros: Distinctive look. Hidden stretch waistband. Eye-catching sheen.
  • Cons: Delicate fabric requires gentle care.

Pull out this stunner for your most fashionable holiday soirées and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Or tone it down with a basic tee and edgy moto jacket forparties and events year-round.

The Winter White Velvet Skirt

Crisp as freshly fallen snow, this winter white high waist skirt will be your cold weather go-to. Made from a blend with stretch, the fabric is cozy yet structured. Traditional princess seams, side pockets and a center back zipper complete the ladylike vibe.

  • Pros: Brightens up winter looks. Thick weight holds its shape. Longer midi length.
  • Cons: Requires dry cleaning. Potentially sheer.

Pair with chunky turtlenecks, leather boots and muted hues up top. Or try bold jewel tones and metallic accessories for some contrast. Wear it while holiday shopping or headed to a chic winter soirée. You’ll shine bright even on the darkest days.

The Jewel Toned Velvet Skirt

Why choose one color when you can have them all? This high waisted velvet skirt from Brand comes in a brilliant rainbow of rich jewel tones. The A-line silhouette flatters most figures, with two hidden side pockets adding a touch of functional flair.

  • Pros: Vibrant colors. Stretchy fabric. Shorter length shows leg.
  • Cons: Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Limited sizes.

Make these skirts the focal point of your outfit by pairing them with simple black tops and strappy heels. Alternatively, layer them over colorful tights and boots forthe ultimate statement-making winter ensemble. Model off duty vibes perfectly.

The Printed Velvet Skirt

Last but certainly not least is this conversational floral printed velvet skirt. The painterly floral pattern makes this skirt a true work of art. With a touch of stretch and elastic waist, it’s as comfortable as it is beautiful. The midi length gives it a chic vintage vibe.

  • Pros: Eye catching floral print. Soft stretch fabric. Concealed side pockets.
  • Cons: Dry clean only. Fit may run large.

Tuck in a satin cami or relaxed tee to highlight the gorgeous print. Balance out the voluminous silhouette with fitted knits and leather jackets. Wear it to the office with loafers or out at night with heels. This skirt deserves to be seen; it’s a bonafide showstopper.

How to Choose the Perfect Velvet Skirt

Now that you’re sold on incorporating velvet into your wardrobe, how do you pick the right style? Here are some factors to consider when shopping for your perfect velvet skirt:

Think about your body type. Are you ruler, pear, hourglass or inverted triangle shaped? Certain silhouettes will be more flattering. A-line styles and Empire waists work well for many figures. Make sure to try the garment on and observe how it interacts with your unique contours.

Consider structure vs. drape. Do you like a more tailored look or an effortlessly draped skirt? Structured velvet will hold its shape admirably, while softer more relaxed velvet will cascade fluidly. Determine the vibe you’re going for.

Test range of motion. Make sure to walk, sit and bend over in any potential velvet skirt. You want to feel comfortable and confident moving around all day or night long.

Assess the care requirements. Some velvets are hand washable, others require professional dry cleaning. This will impact how often you can wear the piece. Check for spot clean only instructions too.

Choose the ideal length. Mini, midi or maxi – where on your leg do you want the skirt to hit? Longer skirts provide more coverage while short skirts show some leg. Go with what flatters you best.

Pick a pattern. Do you want your skirt to be a solid color or graphic print? Both offer versatility; it just depends on your personal style preferences.

Set a budget. Velvet skirts can range dramatically in price from fast fashion to luxury designers. Decide what you can spend for the quality you desire.

By keeping these factors and your wardrobe needs in mind, you’ll easily zero in on your perfect velvet skirt. Time to find that special piece that makes you feel confident, chic and ready to take on anything.

How to Style Your Velvet Skirt for Different Occasions

The beauty of the velvet skirt is its astounding versatility. With creative styling, you truly can wear it anywhere. Here are some ideas for channeling velvet for different occasions:

For daytime errands and casual weekend activities, try wearing your velvet skirt with crew neck sweaters or oversized pullover styles. Sneakers, loafers and ankle boots balance the look perfectly. A moto jacket, denim or utility shirt layered on top works too. Stick to solid colored or subtly printed velvet skirts.

For an evening out with cocktails or dinner, pair your velvet skirt with a silky cami, bodysuit or strappy delicate top. Heels – whether block, strappy or boots – dress the look up. Opt for statement earrings, a minaudière and bold makeup. Here you can get away with bolder printed or colored velvet.

Come holiday party season, velvet becomes your best friend. A shorter skirt with tights, tall boots and an embellished jumper or sequined top looks festive. Try pairing a velvet skirt with a satin blouse and your highest heels. Pull out all the luxurious accessories; this is velvet’s time to shine.

For chilly winter weather, use velvet skirts as a stylish way to keep warm. Tuck in turtlenecks, add opaque tights and knee high boots or booties. Experiment with layers like wool coats and leather jackets. Velvet helps elevate your cold weather style.

Truly, the opportunities are endless. With the right attitude and accessories you can wear velvet skirts for nearly any occasion. So don’t hide your velvet pieces away after the holidays. Incorporate them into your year-round wardrobe rotation.

Caring For and Maintaining Your Velvet Skirts

To keep velvet looking lush, vibrant and touchable season after season, proper care is crucial. Here are some tips for looking after your beloved velvet:

Always follow the care instructions. Some velvet is washable but it’s better to err on the side of caution. Look for dry clean only or hand wash labels. When in doubt, go for the most gentle approach.

Only steam or gently iron velvet. High heat and pressure will crush the delicate fibers. Turn the garment inside out first and use a protective cloth. Make sure the iron doesn’t directly touch the velvet pile.

Use skirt hangers and garment bags for storage. This prevents the weight of the skirt from pulling down on one area and stretching the fabric. Folding can also crush the delicate pile.

Spot clean stains immediately with a velvet cleaning brush. Avoid heavy rubbing which can damage the fabric. Consult a professional cleaner for set-in stains.

Hand wash gently in cold water using a mild detergent. Allow the skirt to fully air dry laying flat before wearing again. Never wring out velvet when wet.

Bring items to a reputable dry cleaner. Ask for light steam or press versus hot irons which risk scorching. Inform them of the fabric content.

Caring for velvet does require a bit of additional TLC. But the effort pays off the moment you slip on those luxurious skirts. Handle with care and your velvet pieces will reward you for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Velvet

Still hesitant about trying the velvet trend? Here we’ll address some common concerns to convince you to take the velvet plunge:

Is velvet hot to wear? Not necessarily; it depends on the quality. Look for velvet made with natural fibers like silk, wool and rayon or blend with stretch fabrics. Well-constructed velvet breathes better. Also consider garment layers and wear seasonally.

How can I get rid of pills on velvet? Use a velvet pill razor very gently to shave off pills without damaging the fibers. Avoid pulling or cutting them off which could create bigger holes.

Can velvet be tailored? Yes, velvet can be altered but it will show needle holes. Find an experienced tailor and inform them of the fabric content before making adjustments.

Is velvet considered dressy or casual? Velvet can go both ways! Mini skirts and jewel tones feel dressier, while longer solid colored skirts can dress down. Adapt your styling and you can wear velvet for any occasion.

How long will velvet last? With proper seasonal storage and dry cleaning, velvet should endure for many years. Look for quality construction with substantial fabric weight and lining. Delicate velvet may only last 1-2 seasons with regular wear.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help guide you to velvet happiness!

Go Forth and Wear Velvet Proudly

What are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace soft, sumptuous, sensational velvet. Stand out from the sea of jeans and leggings by rocking a velvet skirt. Feel the luxurious texture against your skin and watch yourself light up with confidence. Experiment with different colors and patterns to find your perfect match. Channel your inner royal and give your wardrobe the velvet reboot it deserves.

With the tips and recommendations provided here, we believe we’ve made a compelling case for adding a high rise velvet skirt (or two!) to your closet. From elegantly simple solids to eye catching prints, velvet skirts check all the boxes. So trust us on this one – you and your wardrobe need the velvet revolution. May your days ahead be filled with graceful, glorious velvet!

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