The Ultimate Guide to Rocking Boho Chic Tassel Fringe Vests

Fringe is back in a big way, babes! After years of sleek minimalism ruling the runways, fashion is shifting back to all things boho chic. And leading the charge? None other than the iconic tassel fringe vest.

Often associated with the free-spirited styles of the 60s and 70s, the tassel fringe vest delivers major flower child vibes with its long, swaying ornate fringe and eclectic embroidered accents. Whether crafted from soft suede or breezy cotton, these texture-rich layering pieces encapsulate the wanderlust spirit of bohemian fashion.

From Coachella to sidewalk cafes, tassel vests are now a must for completing any warm weather ensemble with a dash of whimsy and wanderlust. If you adore boho apparel but find the endless billowy silhouette dresses a tad overwhelming, start by easing a tassel fringe vest into your everyday wardrobe.

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know to rock tassel fringe vests with boho flair, including:

  • The definitive ranking of the top 5 tassel fringe boho vests ruling the fashion scene right now
  • Expert tips for how to choose a tassel fringe vest that complements your personal style
  • Frequently asked questions about how to wear, care for, and style these statement layering pieces

Let’s dive in with a look at the cream of the boho vest crop!

Top 5 Tassel Fringe Boho Vests

When browsing the seemingly endless sea of tassel vests available, it helps to start with a shortlist of the most coveted styles loved by fashionistas. Here are 5 of the absolute best tassel fringe boho vests for channeling your inner bohemian goddess:


BERRICLE is one of my favorite go-to brands for bohemian inspired jewelry, and their dip into boho apparel does not disappoint. This short sleeveless cotton tassel fringe vest delivers major 70s vibes with its intricate embroidery and long, swaying fringe hem.

Choose from classic neutrals like ivory, black and navy or statement-making neon pink or red. The lightweight cotton is ideal for warm climates and the fit is forgiving without clinging too tight. Fan-favorite features include the side slits for ease of movement and the unique embroidered panel design.

While the quality can’t compare to pricier artisan options, it’s hard to beat the value here. Budget-friendly accessories brand BERRICLE impresses yet again! Find it on Amazon for under $50.

VenusCelia Macrame Fringe Kimono Vest

For bohemian texture and intricate details, VenusCelia’s long macrame fringe kimono vest is a showstopper. Expertly handcrafted by artisans, the layers of macrame and crochet fringeLineEdit feel like a luxe boho lace blanket for your shoulders.

Go for one of the dyed ombre variations or opt for an intricate mandala pattern using natural gradient shades of ivory and tan. The oversized, open front silhouette creates a dramatic shape when layered over anything from jeans to sundresses.

Made from a soft viscose and cotton blend, this high quality vest features unmatched artistry. Just take care when washing to preserve the meticulous handcrafted details. Shop direct on VenusCelia’s Etsy store for around $120.

Joll of Life Jacket Vest

Dubbed the “Jacket Vest,” Joll of Life’s sleeveless draped look fuses effortless edge with bohemian accents. A muted color palette options like olive green, navy and brick red give it a rugged twist.

The linen fabric and aged brass buttons feel virtually vintage while the notched lapels create a cool moto jacket silhouette. Subtle embroidered flourishes, side slits and a tassel tie waist play up the boho styling.

At $78 from Free People, this versatile vest transitions seamlessly from day to night. It serves up jacket vibes for spring and summer while still feeling floaty and free.

Urban CoCo Cropped Tassel Vest

For a youthful cropped fit, Urban CoCo’s short tassel vest is perfect for showing some midriff with high-waisted bottoms. The light and breezy rayon fabric comes in vivid brights like hot pink, yellow and teal or earthier hues of brown, navy and orange.

Whimsical embroidered accents and alternating panels of fringe and woven fabric give it tons of boho texture. At $44 on Amazon, it’s an inexpensive way to try the tassel fringe trend. Some customers found the fit slightly large, so consider sizing down.

Soucoo Paisley Print Fringe Vest

Last but certainly not least, Soucoo’s intricately embellished paisley boho vest radiates eclectic charm. Antique silver buttons, delicate lace panels, crochet trim and swaying tassels cover this oversized layering piece from top to bottom.

A vibrant array of purple, teal, brick red and navy paisley patterns feel like the perfect bohemian tapestry. Hitting at mid-thigh, the length is almost dress-like yet remains light and graceful in movement. Budget around $60 to snag this whimsical beauty on Amazon.

How to Choose a Tassel Fringe Boho Vest

Now that you’ve gotten a peek at the creme de la creme of tassel fringe vests, let’s explore some key factors to keep in mind when selecting your perfect boho vest:

Consider Your Personal Style and Wardrobe Needs

Do you lean more romantic and feminine or crave an edgy, rock n’ roll vibe? Is your closet packed with ripped jeans and band tees or maxi dresses and wide-brim hats?

Let your personal style guide you–a delicate crochet fringe vest suits the boho princess while burned out denim or faux leather options offer edge. Make sure to choose versatile neutrals or colors you’ll genuinely wear often.

Think About Silhouette and Coverage

Some boho vests hover right at the hips for a flirty cropped effect while longer lengths hit at the knee or mid-calf for a sweeping drama. Do you want something fitted in the shoulders or an oversized poncho-style?

Sleeveless styles are most common but short and long sleeve versions exist too. Consider open fronts, side slits for ease of movement, deep V-necks to show some skin, or a tighter bust with flowing bottom.

Choose Colors and Patterns Carefully

Tassel fringe vests serve as the perfect canvas for vibrant colors, bold patterns and richly dyed ombre variations that exude boho style. Lean into earthy terracotta, olive and mustard tones or embrace vivid Punchy hues like turquoise, magenta and sunflower yellow.

Ethnic prints, batiks, zigzag and paisley patterns also abound. Stick to just 1 or 2 standout patterns or colors so your vest doesn’t end up overly busy.

Look for High Quality Materials and Embellishments

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little on your vest to get buttery soft fabrics like linen, silk and high quality cottons. Seek out artisan details like hand-dyed ombre fringe or intricate beadwork and embroidery.

Macrame, crochet and pom pom fringe offer incredible texture and movement. Leather or wood tassels add organic richness. Look for some sparkle via sequins or metallic accents too.

Consider When and Where You’ll Wear It

Picture yourself styling your vest at a music festival over high-waisted jean shorts or at the beach with a long maxi skirt and sandals. Or perhaps layered over a slip dress for date night or with tailored trousers for work.

Match versatile, everyday neutrals with casual pieces you already own. Save super bold beaded styles or vivid neon shades for vacations or parties. Make sure it complements your existing wardrobe.

Decide on Your Budget

You can score inexpensive tassel fringe vests from fast fashion brands for $50 and under, which is great for trying out the trend. Moderate budgets around $50-$150 yield more unique artisan-made styles.

For premium fabric, construction and intricate designs, splurges over $150 ensure you’ll have a showstopping heirloom quality vest you can wear for years.

Shop Recommended Boho Brands and Boutiques

Skip the mall and browse boho-centric brands and boutiques like Anthropologie, Free People, Lucky Brand, VenusCelia, Soucoo and Urban CoCo. Look for quality pieces cleanly constructed from soft natural fabrics.

Etsy offers tons of handcrafted vests that support independent artisans. And don’t overlook local thrift shops and vintage stores for hidden gems. Music festivals and craft fairs also have boho apparel vendors.

Read Product Info and Reviews

Prior to purchasing, read product descriptions fully to ensure the vest suits your needs and style. Fabric content, garment care and measurements can help guide fit.

Scan customer reviews and photos to check sizing accuracy and how the color and quality hold up in real life. This gives you extra confidence in your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tassel Fringe Vests

Here we’ll tackle some of the most common questions about styling, caring for and choosing tassel fringe boho vests:

How Versatile Are Tassel Fringe Vests for Styling?

One of the best aspects of boho vests is how incredibly versatile they are to style! Their lightweight layering quality functions as a stylish way to cover bare shoulders or add visual interest over simple tanks and tees.

Fringe vests pair flawlessly with jeans from skinny cutoffs to wide leg styles, instantly elevating a casual look. flowing maxi skirts or dresses, they create carefree vacation vibes. Even over athletic leggings and joggers, a tassel fringe vest pulls together a cute fitness outfit.

At night, layer one over a slip dress or cami for an easy evening option. For work or events, toss on over a silk blouse and tailored pants or pencil skirt. Truly the styling possibilities are endless!

What Fabrics and Embellishments Make the Best Tassel Vests?

When it comes to maximizing both comfort and that bohemian vibe, you can’t go wrong with soft, lightweight cottons, linens and silks. These natural fiber fabrics drape beautifully and feel great against bare skin.

Delicate laces, crochet work and macrame add gorgeous boho texture. Leather and suede tassels will sway and move gracefully with every step. Embroidery, beading and other embellishments offer artisanal charm.

Seeking out woven tribal or Batik prints in rich deep hues creates an authentic global feel. And don’t overlook decadent details like sequins, pom poms and metallic accents to amp up the visual interest!

What Colors and Prints Work Well?

Some of the most popular hues for boho fringe vests include versatile neutrals like ivory, tan, mocha, navy and black. Soft pastel shades and ombre variations also add just enough color without overpowering.

Vibrant jewel tones, neon brights and energetic patterns like zigzag or paisley inject major pop. Southwestern inspired vests often incorporate turquoise, coral, terracotta and gradient sunset shades.

Global Batik prints, mandalas, mosaics and geometric ikat designs are prevalent. Just select colors and patterns carefully to complement your existing wardrobe so you can work the vest into many outfits.

How Should a Tassel Fringe Vest Fit?

In general, tassel fringe vests drape and fit loose rather than super tight to allow flow and movement. But you still want the shoulder area structured enough to stay in place. Choose your normal top size for a relaxed but flattering silhouette.

Avoid boxy, oversized shapes that completely drown you out or very stiff heavy fabrics that restrict movement. Seek out lightweight, breathable fabrics that gracefully skim your figure.

Side slits, back tie cinches and open flowing hems improve mobility. Move freely and make sure you feel comfortable in it for hours of wear.

How Do You Care for and Clean a Tassel Fringe Vest?

Start by checking the fabric care tag and following any special washing instructions noted. Most cotton, linen, viscose and silk blends can be gently hand washed cold and laid flat or line dried.

Take extra care with heavily beaded, embroidered or embellished vests-opt for professional dry cleaning when possible. If washing at home, use a color safe delicate detergent and avoid soaking or harsh scrubbing.

Limit dryer time and heat to prevent damage or shrinkage. Steam clean fringe only as needed. Store flat if heavily embellished. With some TLC, a quality tassel fringe vest will last for countless seasons of boho style.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide has equipped you with ample inspiration to embrace the wanderlust-fueled tassel fringe vest trend! From quintessential bohemian style vests to tips for choosing your perfect one, you’re ready to rock serious 70s flair.

What caught your eye most–a bold neon moment? Intricate handcrafted details? Or perfect effortless outfit elevators?

Let us know in the comments your favorite types of tassel fringe vests and how you prefer to style them. We’d love to hear your boho style tips and testimonials once your vest arrives!

Wherever your adventures take you in the coming seasons, may your tassel fringe vest add a bit of whimsy, texture and fearless spirit.

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