The Best Leggings With Pockets to Secure Your Stuff While You Get Your Sweat On

Have you ever been mid-workout when your phone starts buzzing in your leggings pocket? You do an awkward dance to contort and shimmy it out, risking dropping it on the gym floor. Or how about when you’re out for a run and your house key jiggles annoyingly with each stride?

It’s a common frustration for active women to lack secure storage spots for all the essentials we need to carry these days. Our leggings look so sleek and pocket-less, yet we still have phones, IDs, and keys to haul.

Enter the recent rise of leggings with zippered pockets—an ingenious solution to this age-old issue. Gone are the days of makeshift waistband wedges and precarious pocket cramming. With leggings designed with zippered stash spots, we can head out the door with our valuables locked safely into place.

In this article, I’ll recommend the top 5 leggings with zipper pockets that combine functionality, security, and style. I’ll outline what to look for when shopping for this activewear must-have. And I’ll answer frequently asked questions so you can sport these babies confidently.

Let’s check out the leading leggings that help you keep your stuff secure while you get your sweat on!

Top 5 Leggings With Zipper Pockets: Run, Lift, Flow with Peace of Mind

1. Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant with Pockets

As expected, luxe athletic brand Lululemon makes the cut with their popular Align legging. Made of their proprietary Nulu fabric, these leggings feel like buttery soft heaven. They become like a second skin with each wear, making them perfect for yoga and low-impact pursuits.

The zippered pocket discreetly blends into the waistband. While not huge, it fits larger phones and keys securely. Some may find the zipper annoyingly flappy, so keep that in mind.

Pros: ultimate comfort, barely-there pocket, smooth fabrics

Cons: pricey, zipper can be irritating, delicate fabric

Best for: yoga, barre, pilates, and general wear

Price: $118

2. Athleta Elation Legging

Athleta’s fitness-focused designs rival Lululemon, especially their Elation style. Made of lightweight PowervitaTM fabric, these leggings move with you through any activity. The flatlock seams and elastic waist ensure next-to-skin softness that withstands sweaty workouts.

The zippered pocket lies subtly on the waistband with easy side access. Reviewers report it fits large smartphones without issue. The zipper feels smooth and secure.

Pros: lightweight yet compressive fit, chafe-free seams, functional zip pocket

Cons: runs small, delicate fabric

Best for: spin, HIIT workouts, running errands

Price: $98

3. Outdoor Voices Doing Things 7/8 Leggings

For low-key active style, Outdoor Voices leggings bring a relaxed vibe. The Doing Things 7/8 length gives off-duty model style while still being performance ready.

The zippered pocket bags out a bit but holds larger phones well. Just beware of potential friction with the vertical zipper pull. The lightweight compression holds you in while feeling cool and comfy.

Pros: trendy length, durable fabric, roomy pocket

Cons: low rise, slightly sheer, zipper issues

Best for: casual wear, walking, travel

Price: $85

4. Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-Rise Legging

This sustainable brand uses recycled materials for their signature black leggings. The mid/high-rise compressive fit sculpts your shape while the interlock fabric provides opacity and structure.

The zippered pocket lies nearly invisibly on the waistband, holding most smartphones. Some wish it expanded a bit more, but the minimal look is sleek.

Pros: eco-friendly fabric, smoothing fit, hidden pocket

Cons: tricky sizing, delicate material

Best for: errands, barre, low-impact training

Price: $88

5. Senita Athletics Rio Legging

For budget-friendly performance, Senita Athletics delivers with their moisture-wicking leggings. The mid-rise fit and smooth fabric provides coverage and movement for any activity.

The zippered pocket is generously sized and super secure. It expands to hold bulkier items without sagging. The zipper tucks in to lie flat.

Pros: budget price, roomy pocket, durable performance

Cons: looser waist, totally black only

Best for: HIIT, running, cross-training

Price: $54

How to Choose the Best Zipper Pocket Leggings for You

With so many options, here are tips for choosing leggings with zipper pockets that meet your needs:

Consider Your Intended Uses

Are these primarily for working out or wearing casually? Do you need leggings suitable for intense training or relaxing yoga sessions? Make sure to match the performance level and fabrics to your needs so the pockets and leggings hold up.

Assess Your Fit and Coverage Preferences

Do you like a compressive fit to sculpt your physique or a looser feel? Is a mid or high rise a must? Sheer protection? Make sure the legging style suits what flatters and feels best on your body.

Evaluate Desired Pocket Placement and Size

Think about how you’ll use the pockets and what you need to carry. Do you want pockets on the waist, side of leg, or back of waist? How much room do they need to provide? This determines what design works best.

Consider Fabrics and Stretch Preferences

Certain fabrics like cotton blends have less stretch, while performance spandex blends stretch more. Decide what feels most comfortable for your lifestyle. Also note how opaque the legging is.

Reference Your Usual Size in That Brand

Don’t assume standard sizing across brands. Look up the brand’s size chart and reviews for feedback on the right fit. Size up if in between.

Assessing Functionality, Comfort, and Value

Once you find options that match your criteria, do a thorough evaluation:

  • Test the pockets. Load them up with your essentials. Make sure your phone and other must-haves fit securely and smoothly.
  • Check mobility. Dance, squat, and stretch. Make sure the leggings and zippers allow your full range of motion without pinching or pulling.
  • Consider comfort. Soft, sweat-wicking, and breathable fabrics make all the difference during workouts and all-day wear.
  • Evaluate durability. Do the fabrics seem prone to pilling or tearing? Are the zippers high quality? This impacts longevity.
  • Compare price to value. The utility and performance should justify the cost. Seek sales on last season’s colors for the best deals.

Your Top Zipper Pocket Leggings FAQs—Answered!

Here’s the scoop on common questions about this activewear staple:

Do the zipper pockets really keep your stuff secure while exercising?

Yes, zippered pockets keep belongings much more securely in place than standard leggings. Just avoid overstuffing them and test stability and zipper smoothness for high-impact pursuits. Stay aware of your phone.

How discreet and flush to the legging are most zipper pockets?

Pocket profiles range from nearly invisible laser-cut styles to moderately bulky, depending on design. Look to “invisible” or “secret” pocket descriptions for the most seamless look. Side seam pockets also blend better than waistband styles.

What can the pockets comfortably and safely hold?

Most leggings can securely hold a smartphone, ID/cards, keys, gels/fuel, or small valuables like AirPods. Avoid heavy, pokey, or excessive items that could weigh down fabric or rub through. Listen for jingling!

How do you clean leggings with zipper pockets?

Check the tag, but most can be machine washed cold and either air dried or tumble dried low. Zip up pockets before washing and opt for delicate cycles to be safe. Avoid harsh detergents and fabric softeners near zippers.

Do the zipper pulls or teeth ever snag on fabrics?

Occasional snags may occur but aren’t common if you’re careful. Seek smooth zippers with protective flaps or tucks. Stop immediately if a zipper catches and gently loosen the fabric. Avoid drastic motions.

How long does the zipper pocket functionality tend to last?

With proper care, the pockets should remain functionally useable for the lifespan of the leggings. YKK and Riri zippers have reputations for quality. Just avoid extreme stress, heavy items, and overstuffing which can degrade zippers over time.

Why are these leggings pricier than regular leggings?

The zipper hardware, specialized pocket construction, and performance fabrics do add cost compared to basic leggings. But the utility and security the zipper pockets provide makes them worthwhile for active women on-the-go. Seek sales!

Get Your Perfect Pair of Zipper Pocket Leggings

I hope these tips help you find your new favorite leggings with zipper pockets! It’s a game-changer being able to head out for any activity knowing your essentials are secured and stash-able on you comfortably. No more awkward waistband wobbling or unsafe pocket cramming.

While it may take some trial and error to find your ideal match, I promise the effort pays off to find that legendary pair of leggings you never want to take off! Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m always happy to chat more about our shared love for these activewear wonders.

Now go discover your perfect zipper pocket leggings—you’ve got this!

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