Stay Stylish This Season with Faux Fur Trimmed Vests

Faux fur trimmed vests are the perfect fashion statement for fall and winter. The plush texture and cozy feel of faux fur adds a luxe accent to any outfit. Vests are also a clever way to layer for warmth during chilly months. From cropped and bold to long and lush, faux fur vests come in endless styles for every taste.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top faux fur trimmed vest picks on the market. We’ll also dive into tips for choosing the perfect vest for your needs and style. To help you become a faux fur vest expert, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about caring for and wearing these fabulous garments. Let’s get started!

Check Out the Top 5 Faux Fur Trimmed Vests

Many brands now offer trendy and high quality faux fur trimmed vests. We scoured reviews and testing results to pick the top 5 best-selling and most beloved options to suit a range of preferences and budgets.

1. Everbellus Long Faux Fur Vest

The Everbellus long faux fur vest is a best-seller for good reason. This vest is beautifully made with incredibly soft, plush modacrylic fur. It has a relaxed, oversized silhouette that flatters most body types. The fur is a lush black color and the vest hits around upper thigh length.

This vest runs large and has deep armholes that make it easy to layer over bulky sweaters and jackets. The hidden hook closure ensures a sleek, seamless front. Wearers love wrapping themselves up in this vest. It provides a glamorous, eye-catching layer while keeping your core toasty. This versatile vest looks equally chic with jeans or dresses. At around $65, it’s affordably priced for the high quality.

2. ZZZCP Faux Fur Leather Vest

For a bold, edgy style, check out the ZZZCP faux leather and fur vest. This slim fitting vest is cut from vegan leather in classic black. It’s trimmed in thick black faux fur around the neckline, armholes, and hemline. The combination of the sleek faux leather and lush fur makes a statement.

This mid-length vest features an asymmetrical zip front closure and side pockets. It has a durable polyester backing that holds up well over time. Reviewers say this eye-catching vest fits true to size. It has a structured shape that flatters the waist. Pair it over t-shirts with jeans or leggings for weekend wear. And it transitions perfectly for a night out with ankle boots and a dress. At $40, it’s a steal.

3. Sochiel Faux Fur Gilet Vest

For a relaxed, boho vibe, the Sochiel faux fur gilet vest is perfect. This sleeveless vest is designed with super soft faux fur in off-white with gray tips. It has an oversized, slouchy silhouette with wide armholes. The front secures with hidden hook closures to keep the look streamlined.

This gilet hits at hip length, great for pairing with leggings and jeans. While oversized, it offers good movement for all-day wear. The neutral cream color works with colorful outfits year-round. At $37, this is an affordable, stylish vest that goes with anything. Dress it up or down!

4. Kevin Genirs Fox Fur Look Vest

Those wanting luxe, opulent style will adore the Kevin Genirs faux fox fur vest. Crafted with super realistic acrylic and modacrylic fur, this vest mimics the posh look of real fox fur. The 11-inch long fur has a multi-tone look and soft, fluffy texture.

This vest features a relaxed silhouette with wide armholes and a hook and eye closure. The mid-thigh length flatters most figures. This attention-grabbing vest makes any outfit look expensive. Pair it with dresses, jeans, or leggings for a high-fashion flair. At $120, it’s a worthwhile splurge that will last. The quality and realistic fur appearance are unmatched.

5. Coofandy Hip Length Reversible Faux Fur Vest

For incredible value, look no further than the Coofandy reversible faux fur vest. Available in over 15 colors, you’ll find one to match any taste. This mid-length vest is crafted with dense, plush faux fur. A hidden hook closure keeps the look smooth and streamlined.

The reversible design means you can mix up your style on a whim. Wear the solid color side for a luxe accent piece. Or show off the fun leopard print side to spice up any outfit. Made of soft yet durable acrylic, this budget buy holds up amazingly well. At just $30, why not grab a few colors? You’ll reach for these often.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Faux Fur Vest for You

With so many faux fur vests available, it can be tricky to choose the right one. Keep these tips in mind while shopping to find the perfect vest for your climate, style, and body type.

  • Consider your climate. In warm regions, look for cropped and lightweight faux fur vests you can wear year-round. For cold climates, choose thick, plush fur and longer vests that cover your core.
  • Decide on vest length. Cropped vests ending above the waist look best on hourglass shapes. Longer hip length and thigh length vests flatter straight or rectangle body types.
  • Pick colors and patterns wisely. Go for neutral solids like black, gray, cream, caramel for maximum versatility. Or make a bold statement with vivid colors and animal prints if that suits your style.
  • Compare fur types. Acrylic fur is budget-friendly. Modacrylic is very soft and warm. Faux mink looks luxurious. Rabbit fur mimics the real thing. Find what meets your priorities.
  • Examine materials. Look for vests with leather, wool, cotton, nylon, or polyester backings for durability. Check fur density – thin fur sheds and pills quickly.
  • Assess fit. Boxy and oversized vests add volume. Cropped and fitted vests accentuate curves. Order a few sizes to determine what flatters you best.
  • Check closure types. Hook closures maintain a clean finish. Zip and button closures accommodate varied outfit thicknesses best.
  • Read care instructions. Some furs require dry cleaning or hand washing. Make sure you can properly care for it.
  • Set a budget. Quality vests can range from $30 to $300. Know what you can spend for the features you want.
  • Browse customer photos. Check how the vest fits and drapes on real people with different body types.
  • Order multiple sizes. Take advantage of free returns to try on a few sizes and determine the ideal fit.
  • Check ethics. Some faux furs have concerning environmental impacts. Look for ethical brands when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faux Fur Vests

Faux fur vests may seem high maintenance. To help you care for and style them with ease, we’ll tackle some commonly asked questions:

How do I care for a faux fur vest?

Read care instructions closely as some furs require special handling. In general, hand wash gently in cold water using laundry detergent or mild soap. Avoid machine washing or dry cleaning, which can damage the fur fibers. Reshape and air dry the vest flat. Use a fur comb or soft brush to fluff up the pile. Store folded or on a wide hanger to prevent crushing.

What are some good outfit ideas with faux fur vests?

The options are endless! For a casual look, pair faux fur vests with jeans, leggings, or joggers and simple tops like t-shirts, tanks, or long sleeve tees. Dress them up with sweater dresses, midi skirts, or slacks and a silky cami. For a night out, style with an LBD or heels. Add tights, tall boots, beanies, or scarves in cold months for a cozy vibe.

What types of faux fur fabric are best?

Acrylic fur is very affordable and soft with decent durability. Modacrylic is low-maintenance, super soft, and warmer than real fur. Polyester fur holds its shape well but isn’t as soft. For a luxe look, faux mink mimics real mink fur’s smooth, glossy texture. Overall, modacrylic is best for softness, realism, and longevity.

How can I style faux fur vests for work?

Dress them up with slacks, blouses, blazers, sheath dresses, and tailored skirts for the office. Look for cropped vests in neutral hues – these pair well with business attire. For evening events, try fitted vests in extravagant materials like faux mink over cocktail dresses or jumpsuits. Add versatile solid colors to your wardrobe – bold patterns may not suit professional settings.

What style of faux fur vest is most versatile?

For maximum versatility across casual and dressy looks, go for a solid colored faux fur vest that hits at or just below the hips. Black, gray, ivory, and caramel are fail-safe neutral hues for versatility. This mid-length style accommodates leggings with boots in colder months and cropped jeans or dresses in warmer weather seamlessly.

How do I determine my size in faux fur vests?

Unfortunately, sizing can vary widely across brands and fur types. Check size charts and measure your bust, waist, and hips. Order a couple sizes if needed to compare the fit. The armholes should allow easy arm movement without gaping. It should drape smoothly across your shoulders and midsection without pulling. Cropped vests should not constrict your waist.

How long do quality faux fur vests last?

With proper care as described above, expect a quality faux fur vest to last 5 years at minimum. Higher end vests made with lush, dense modacrylic fur can last 10+ years if gently washed and stored. Check for loose threading at seams and clumping/matting of the fur pile over time.

Are faux fur vests warm enough for frigid winters?

It depends on the materials! Acrylic and standard polyester fur offer light insulation. But densely woven modacrylic and high quality plush polyester rival wool for warmth. Look for a fur depth around 2 inches thick. Pair a warm vest over layers like thermal shirts and sweaters for optimal cold weather wear.

Where can I find the best faux fur vests to shop?

Online retailers like Amazon, Etsy, and choose retailers have endless options to browse through. Major department stores including Nordstrom, Macys, and Bloomingdale’s carry faux fur vests from premium brands. For a luxury vest, check Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. Boutiques and local fashion shops can offer unique, indie designer finds too!

Stay Cozy in Style

As you can see, faux fur trimmed vests offer the perfect infusion of warmth and glamour to any cold weather outfit. From casual weekends to chic evenings out, they instantly elevate your look. With proper care, these luxe layering pieces can last you for many seasons.

We hope our rundown of the top vests, style tips, and FAQs gave you helpful knowledge to find your perfect faux fur companion. Show us how you rock your vest! Share your favorite outfit combos and vest recommendations in the comments. Stay cozy in style!

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