Jump into Style: Your Guide to Rocking Wide Leg Jumpsuits

Wide leg jumpsuits are making a major comeback in fashion right now, and for good reason. This versatile one-piece wonder flatters all body types and brings effortless style to any occasion. After falling out of fashion in the 2000s, wide leg jumpsuits are once again a wardrobe staple worth investing in.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to choose, style, and rock wide leg jumpsuits. Learn how to pick the silhouette that suits your shape. Get tips on styling jumpsuits for work, weekends and everything in between. Read on for your ultimate guide to mastering one of fashion’s hottest trends.

The Top 5 Wide Leg Jumpsuits

Before delving into how to wear them, let’s check out the top wide leg jumpsuit styles you need to know.

1. Button-Front Utility Jumpsuit

A button-front utility jumpsuit is a versatile staple. Made of lightweight cotton or linen, it typically features a front button placket and multiple utility pockets. It comes in colors like khaki, olive green, navy and black that make it easy to dress up or down.

Utility jumpsuits are a perfect pairing with sandals or sneakers for running errands or meeting friends. Dress them up with wedges or heels for dinner dates. Their neutral hues also make them easy to mix and match with items already in your closet.

2. Silky Halter Neck Jumpsuit

When you want a look that wows, a silky halter neck jumpsuit fits the bill. Made of flowy, satiny fabrics like silk or satin, these jumpsuits have a sexy halter neckline and open back. The drama continues with wide legs that billow and flow with your every move.

Silky halter jumpsuits are red-carpet ready. Their fluid fabrics and va-va-voom style make them perfect for dressier events like galas, weddings and date nights. Elevate them even further by pairing with your highest heels and boldest jewelry.

3. Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit

Few garments exude feminine charm quite like an off-the-shoulder ruffle jumpsuit. With their wide, off-the-shoulder necklines and fluttering ruffle trims, these jumpsuits are soft, romantic and perfect for a summer soirée.

Lightweight, floaty fabrics like chiffon or crepe are ideal for showing off this jumpsuit’s delicate details. The ruffles may also continue their sweet cascade down the wide legs. Whether you’re headed to a garden party or beachfront wedding, this jumpsuit is sure to get you noticed.

4. Wrap-Front Jumpsuit

Searching for something uber flattering? Look no further than a wrap-front jumpsuit. These styles feature a chic wrap front design secured with a belt that clinches the waist for an ultra-flattering look.

Wrap-front jumpsuits often have sleeveless or short sleeve silhouettes made of breezy natural fabrics like linen, rayon or cotton. Their draped bodice and tailored legs are endlessly versatile. Wear yours everywhere from the office to weddings and beyond.

5. Lace Jumpsuit

Last but certainly not least: the lace jumpsuit. Few materials feel as feminine and romantic as delicate lace. When transformed into a wide leg jumpsuit, it becomes the ultimate style for your next special occasion.

Lace jumpsuits may be crafted entirely of floral lace fabric or simply feature lace panels and accents. Either way, they have an unmistakably soft, graceful look. Paired with your favorite heels, a lace jumpsuit is sure to earn you compliments at weddings, parties or date nights.

How to Choose the Perfect Wide Leg Jumpsuit for You

With so many gorgeous wide leg jumpsuits out there, choosing just one can feel daunting. Keep these tips in mind to select a style that complements your shape, style and setting flawlessly.

Consider Your Body Type

One of the beauties of wide leg jumpsuits is their ability to flatter a multitude of body types. However, certain styles work better for some shapes over others.

Pear shape: Aim for styles with a cinched waist to balance out curvier hips. Steer clear of anything too voluminous up top or styles with stiff fabrics that add bulk.

Apple shape: Create shape with belts, sashes or other waist-defining elements. Emphasize your legs with wide or elongating leg silhouettes.

Rectangle shape: Add curves with an off-shoulder neckline or wrap-front bodice. Seek styles with details at the shoulder, bust or collarbone to create shape.

Petite: Avoid overly billowy legs and pooling fabrics which can overwhelm a small frame. Look for tailoring through the waist and legs for a streamlined jumpsuit that fits you perfectly.

Consider Your Style

Do you fancy yourself a girly girl or minimalist? Choosing a jumpsuit aligned with your style will ensure you feel confident and like your best self.

Girly style: Look for jumpsuits with feminine details like floral prints, lace trims, ruffle accents and pastel hues.

Edgy style: Go for elements like exposed zippers, unexpected cut-outs, utility pockets and menswear-inspired fabrics.

Glamorous style: Seek out satiny fabrics, dramatic sleeves, bold prints and embellishment like sequins or beads.

Minimalist style: Stick to solid neutrals, muted colors and clean, modern silhouettes free of frilly extras.

Choose the Right Fabric

Fabric choice plays a key role in both the look and wearability of your jumpsuit. Consider what fabrics best suit your lifestyle and styling needs.

Linen & cotton: Perfect for casual everyday wear, linen and cotton jumpsuits feel cool and breathable.

Satin & silk: Elegant satin and silk fabrics bring luxe style any formal affair or night out.

Denim: Nothing beats denim for a weekend-ready jumpsuit that can be styled on repeat.

Get the Best Fit

Nailing fit is crucial to looking and feeling amazing in your jumpsuit. Keep these three areas in mind:

Length: The leg hem grazing right at your ankle bone is the most universally flattering. Avoid styles with hems that hit mid-calf which can shorten your legs.

Waist: Cinch it in! Defining your waist – even in a loose or wide leg jumpsuit – creates shape and elegance.

Chest: Ensure ample room through the bust so your jumpsuit is comfortable and supportive in all the right places.

Consider Versatility

Do you hope to wear your jumpsuit to a variety of events? Opt for a dark neutral solid or basic black which can be dressed up or down seamlessly.

If you plan to make a bold splash for a tropical getaway or fun night out, go for a vibrant print or daring cut-out jumpsuit you can show off.

Just know those trendy prints may not have the same remix potential as solids when it comes to mixing and matching pieces each wear.

Choose Details You Adore

Part of the beauty of jumpsuits lies in their details. Seek out features that make your heart flutter, like:

  • Intricate lace panels
  • A chic backless cut
  • An alluring off-shoulder neckline
  • Breezy ruffles

Let these special touches guide you toward “the one” – your perfect wide leg jumpsuit match.

Styling Your New Jumpsuit to Perfection

You’ve found your dream jumpsuit – now it’s time for fun part: rocking your new outfit! Use these tips to style your jumpsuit like a fashion pro.

Pick the Right Footwear

The right shoes can make or break your jumpsuit style. Consider dressy heels for night or casual sandals and sneakers during the day. Some perfect pairings include:

  • Sandals: Effortlessly elongate your look with barely-there sandals during warmer months.
  • Sneakers: Instant weekend cool with a pair of crisp white sneakers.
  • Heels: Date night go-to pumps or strappy heels lend polish.
  • Flats: Pointy flats or retro loafers exude Audrey Hepburn chic.

Style for the Setting

Certain finishes, fabrics and accents either dial up the glamour or bring a laidback vibe. Tailor your look to the occasion.

Daytime: Denim, linen and cotton styles paired with casual accessories like baseball caps, sneakers or espadrilles.

Work: Matte crepe or twill jumpsuits in black, navy or gray, plus blazers and loafers.

Night: Sleek satin fabrics, strappy heels, bold lipstick and statement jewelry.


Don’t be afraid to pile on the accessories to give your jumpsuit outfit a signature twist.

  • Jewelry: Stacked bangles, hoops earrings and layered necklaces
  • Shoes: Metallic or animal print sandals
  • Bag: A crossbody bag with personality
  • Jacket: A jean or leather jacket tied around the waist
  • Hair: Bold hair clips, bandanas or cool retro scrunchies
  • Sunglasses: Oversized sunnies for instant cool factor

Keep Legs Long

No matter what heels or flats you choose, keep the hem of your wide leg just grazing the tops of your feet. This elongates your frame for a leggy silhouette that flatters.

Now that you’re armed with tips for choosing and styling wide leg jumpsuits with confidence, it’s time to rock this effortlessly chic staple. Dare to bare your shoulders in fluttering ruffles, make wanderlust chic in olive green utility or keep it seductive in inky black satin.

With your new jumpsuit as your trusty wardrobe ally, you’ll step into any occasion looking and feeling fabulous. So push aside the usual dress or top-and-skirt combo and jump fearlessly into one of fashion’s hottest trends!

Wide Leg Jumpsuit FAQs

Still have some burning questions about finding and wearing your dream wide leg jumpsuit? Check out answers to some frequently asked jumpsuit questions:

What body types look best in wide leg jumpsuits?

The reality is that almost any body type can rock wide leg jumpsuits in a flattering way. Petite, tall, curvy, athletic – jumpsuits suit them all with the right fit, silhouette and styling.

For top heavy or pear shapes, balance is key. Seek wrap waist details or opt for strapless styles to accentuate your décolletage and draw the eye upward. Rectangle or ruler body types can create shape with an off-shoulder neckline or other draped details through the bust and shoulders.

Curvy figures should ensure a precise waist fit to show off those enviable curves. Go for defined shoulder seams to emphasize your perfect hourglass shape.

How do you style wide leg jumpsuits for summer?

Just the thought of lightweight linen and breezy silhouettes makes me think of warm weather style. For summer, look for sleeveless jumpsuits or those with short sleeves.

Natural fabrics like linen, cotton and denim feel cool and comfy in the heat. Bright whites, vivid prints or bold color blocking suit the season. Complete the look with casual accessories like flat sandals, a woven sunhat or retro shades.

A kimono-style cardigan or denim jacket tied around your waist keeps you covered for time spent in fuller air conditioning.

What shoes look best with wide leg jumpsuits?

From sleek sandal heels to retro low-tops, today’s versatile jumpsuits complement an array of footwear.

For daytime, opt for flat sandals, sneakers or espadrilles to retain a casual feel. Come nightfall, break out your favorite strappy sandals, wedges or classic pumps to elevate the glamour.

Pointy flats, loafers or menswear-inspired oxfords lend a retro flair whatever the hour. Most importantly, keep hems long enough to just skim the tops of your shoes for a leg-lengthening effect.

Are wide leg jumpsuits work appropriate?

Absolutely! Jumpsuits can lend instant polish to the office when done right. Choose solid neutrals or dark muted tones like navy, black or slate gray. Fabrics like twill, crepe and linen look sharp and professional.

Avoid plunging necklines and stick to thick shoulder straps or cap sleeves for the most conservative workplaces. For more creative fields, bold abstract prints and edgy details like utility pockets may fly.

Pair your office jumpsuit with smart blazers, loafers, oxfords or block-heel pumps. Showing ankle or going strappy is better saved for the weekend.

What type of top should you wear with a wide leg jumpsuit?

The billowy legs of wide leg jumpsuits pair beautifully with all different shirt styles. Flowy camisoles, fitted tanks and cropped tees work well tucked into the waist.

Halter tops, strapless or off-the-shoulder styles complement the legs’ drama. For casual cool, tie an oversized button-down around your waist.

When selecting a top, avoid anything too bulky up top like chunky sweaters or busy prints. You want your jumpsuit’s gorgeous legs to take center stage. Stick to lighter materials and simple solid colors on top.

In Summary

As you can see, wide leg jumpsuits are a must-have item for any wardrobe. They fuse style and comfort, polish and playfulness into the ultimate one-piece outfit.

Hopefully this guide gave you fresh inspiration and ideas on choosing a jumpsuit silhouette for your body, dialing up the glamour for evening and keeping things casual come daytime.

Look for those special details like shoulder-baring cut-outs or lively ruffle trims to find your perfect match. And never underestimate the power of a belt to cinch, shoes to elongate and accessories to pull the whole outfit together.

Wide leg jumpsuits suit any season, any shape and any occasion. With the tips above, you can jump fearlessly into this forever fashion staple. So next time you open your closet looking for an outfit, reach for one of these modern masterpieces.

You’ll be cool, comfy and oozing laidback elegance in no time. Now…which jumpsuit will you be rocking first?

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