Exploring the World of SHEIN Men’s Shoes

As an avid online shopper, I’m always on the lookout for affordable fashion finds. Recently, I discovered the huge selection of men’s shoes available on SHEIN and just had to delve deeper. As a guy who loves shoes, I was excited to see what kind of options they offered. In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts after perusing their collection of men’s footwear. Get ready for a deep dive into the SHEIN men’s shoes experience!

An Overview of the SHEIN Men’s Shoes Selection

Visiting the men’s shoes section of SHEIN felt like entering a candy store – rows upon rows of shoes in different styles, materials, and colors. From casual sneakers to dress shoes, athletic shoes to boots and sandals, they truly offer it all.

The variety is really quite astounding for such affordable prices. While browsing, I came across loafers, oxfords, boat shoes, slip-ons, rain boots, Chelsea boots, chukka boots, desert boots, and more. I was pleased to see that they don’t just offer basics – there are also unique, fashion-forward options for guys who want to stand out.

In terms of casual shoes, some of the most popular picks are retro sneakers, skater shoes, high-tops, slip-on canvas shoes, and minimalist white sneakers. For something dressier, they have loafers, oxfords, and brogues. And for comfort and versatility, you can’t go wrong with their collection of flip-flops and sandals.

How Do SHEIN Men’s Shoes Fit?

Nailing the fit for shoes bought online can be tricky. The big question is – do SHEIN men’s shoes run large, small, or true to size?

From examining customer reviews and product descriptions, it seems the general consensus is they are true to size for the most part. However, some styles do appear to run slightly small, like certain sneaker models.

My advice if you’re unsure is to check the reviews for sizing info on the specific shoe you’re interested in. And if they happen to not fit right upon delivery, SHEIN does allow returns and exchanges within a specified time period after purchase.

If you’re between sizes, it’s probably best to size up to the larger size to ensure the perfect comfy fit. All in all, SHEIN men’s shoes seem pretty consistent with standard US shoe sizing, allowing for a few exceptions.

Affordable Price Points for Every Budget

Now for the best part – the prices! SHEIN footwear is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to brands sold in malls or department stores.

Most shoes cost between $15 and $50. There are some outliers on each end of the spectrum. You can find flip-flops and basic slides for under $10. And some premium leather dress shoes ring in around $100. But for the most part, the prices stay under $50.

Whether you’re a student on a budget or just want to expand your shoe collection affordably, SHEIN delivers. The low prices make it easy to stock up on footwear for different seasons and occasions without breaking the bank.

Materials: Manmade, Leather, and Beyond

SHEIN incorporates a wide spectrum of materials in their shoe design and construction. Many of the casual sneakers feature manmade materials like canvas, plastic, and PVC. These synthetic uppers combined with rubber outsoles keep the costs down.

In the dress shoe and leather boot categories, you’ll find options made from genuine leather. The product descriptions are transparent about whether it’s made from PU leather versus real leather.

It’s cool to see some eco-conscious designs too using materials like recycled rubber and organic cotton canvas. They are even experimenting with innovative fruit leather made from food waste!

The variability in materials makes sense given the vast selection. Overall, the quality aligns well with the accessible price points. Personally, I appreciate the mix of real leather designs and budget-friendly synthetic shoes.

Constantly Updated Men’s Shoe Styles

If you’re worried about SHEIN’s inventory getting stale, fear not! They continually add new arrivals to keep their shoe game fresh.

After following them for a bit, I’ve noticed new men’s shoes are added daily. The selection evolves right along with the latest fashion trends. One week might feature ’90s inspired chunky dad shoes, while the next showcases comfy boat shoes perfect for summer.

I’ve seen updated variations of sneaker styles that are hot one season, only with new colors, materials, or design details to make them unique. The fast fashion business model makes this inventory turnover possible. For shoppers like me, it makes browsing SHEIN exciting since there are always new finds!

Dress Shoes for Suited Up Occasions

Amidst the sea of casual shoes, I was thrilled to uncover a wide variety of dress shoes as well. Whether you need a sophisticated pair of oxfords for an interview or wedding shoes that match your suit, SHEIN has you covered.

Some of my favorite finds are their monk strap dress shoes and Chelsea boots. The gold accent details and lived-in finishes give them a refined vintage vibe. And the woven leather loafers add visual interest for a modern twist on a classic.

What’s great is they offer dress options in both faux leather and genuine leather. So if your budget is tight or you just need them for a one-time occasion, the PU leather shoes serve the purpose! For daily wear or a long evening out, it may be worth investing in the real leather. Either way, you’ll look sharp for any formal occasion.

Casual Kicks for Everyday Cool

Now onto the area SHEIN really shines – the casual shoe selection! They excel at on-trend street style sneakers, skater shoes, and slip-ons.

Some current top sellers in the casual category include:

  • Chunky high-top sneakers with thick soles
  • Minimal all-white low-tops for a sleek, modern look
  • Retro basketball sneakers in bright colors with velcro straps
  • Slip-on canvas plimsolls in fun prints or solids
  • Edgy skater shoes with distressed details

It’s like browsing a street style magazine come to life! From statement designs to wardrobe staple silhouettes, all the major casual trends are covered.

These are the kind of shoes you can wear with jeans, joggers, shorts – pretty much everything. SHEIN makes it easy to rotate your go-to kicks all season long. The prices allow you to stock up on multiple pairs too!

Athletic Shoes for Fitness Fans

Working out regularly means needing athletic shoes that can keep up. Whether you’re looking for running shoes to log miles outdoors or trainers for weight lifting, SHEIN has sporty styles starting at just $15.

While the selection isn’t huge, you can find reliable cross training shoes, trail running sneakers, and old school basketball hi-tops. They work great for hitting the gym or light training and cardio.

I probably wouldn’t splurge on SHEIN if you’re training for a marathon or need performance stability shoes. But for basic cardio and strength routines, they are worth considering. The contrasting designs give the athletic shoes a sporty, motivational look too!

Special Deals and Discount Codes

Another thing that excites me about SHEIN is their constant deals and coupon codes available. They typically offer discounts like:

  • 15% off your entire order
  • 20% off plus free express shipping
  • $10 off purchases over $79
  • $15 off purchases over $119

Occasionally I’ve seen bigger seasonal sales around 30-50% off site-wide. Signing up for their email list provides early access to promotions too.

Between the already low prices and frequent discounts, you can save big on SHEIN men’s shoes! I always check for an active coupon code before purchasing. A little Googling often turns up additional specialty SHEIN promo codes as well.

Shipping and Return Experiences

SHEIN provides free standard shipping on orders $49 and above. For orders under $49, there is a flat shipping fee around $3-5.

Standard shipping times range from 7-20 days depending on your location. While not the fastest, it’s reasonable for the free price.

They also offer expedited delivery with FedEx which shortens the wait to under a week. This costs around $10 extra depending on weight.

I’m happy to report returns and exchanges are hassle-free too. If the shoes don’t fit right or you just change your mind, items can be sent back within 45 days of arrival. Following the return instructions on their website makes processing seamless.

Usually you will get a refund within a few business days after the returned item is picked up or delivered to SHEIN. I had no issues getting my money back the couple times I needed to exchange something.

Trying the SHEIN Shoe Finder Quiz

On the SHEIN app and website, you’ll notice a fun quiz banner that asks “What Shoes Should I Buy?” Naturally, I had to try this shoe finder to enhance my online shopping experience.

After answering a few quick questions about my style, preferred brands, trends I like and more, it generated personalized shoe recommendations. The results even showed specific products in my taste along with category suggestions.

This is a neat feature for when you feel overwhelmed browsing the thousands of shoe options. The quiz narrows down styles suited for you in just a minute. For me, it highlighted retro sneakers, Chelsea boots, slip-ons, and skater shoes – all shoes I love!

Whether you know exactly what you want or need some guidance, this shoe finder tool comes in handy. I may rely on its suggestions for my next SHEIN footwear splurge.

Keeping Tabs on Your SHEIN Order

Wondering where your SHEIN shoes are once you place an order? Tracking the delivery status is easy with their app and website.

In the app, tapping Account > My Orders displays updates with each stage – from order placed to out for delivery. On the website, you can enter your order number on the tracking page which shows the same info.

My package updates typically appear within 1-2 days after ordering. The steps are:

  • Order placed
  • Waiting to be packed
  • Packed
  • Waiting for courier pickup
  • Shipped
  • Arrived in destination country
  • Delivered

The delivery timelines are usually accurate from my experience. If anything is amiss with your order, their customer service team is quite responsive. Reaching out via live chat or email resolves most issues promptly.

Styling Your New SHEIN Shoe Purchases

Once my shiny new SHEIN shoes arrive, figuring out how to style them is part of the fun. Their website and app offer some great outfit ideas and trend looks to fuel your inspiration.

In the Feed section, SHEIN style guides showcase their women’s and men’s shoes paired with complementary items. The looks range from everyday outfits to going out looks to vacation-ready ensembles.

Some examples are:

Everyday Outfits

  • White minimal sneakers with cuffed jeans and a denim jacket
  • Retro canvas slip-ons with cropped joggers and graphic tee
  • Chunky hi-tops with ripped black denim and bomber jacket

Going Out Looks

  • Leather Chelsea boots with skinny jeans, button down and faux leather jacket
  • Monk strap dress shoes with slacks, a printed shirt & long vest
  • Two-toned sneakers with trousers, untucked dress shirt & camel coat

Vacation Outfits

  • Printed pool slides with swim trunks and a breezy open shirt
  • Woven loafers with chino shorts, polo shirt and straw fedora
  • Athletic shoes with joggers, tank top and lightweight hooded jacket

With so many mix and match possibilities, you can develop your own signature style. Let your new SHEIN shoes be the starting point to an awesome outfit.

SHEIN Shoes Review Conclusion

After extensively evaluating the shoe selection for dudes, SHEIN sneaks away with shining reviews from me.

Any reservations I had about quality or fit at their low price points were quickly diminished. The truth is, they offer an unbelievable variety of trendy, affordable shoes for men. Dress shoes, boots, sandals, clogs – you name it, they have it.

What seals the deal is their constant rotation of updated styles along with special discounts. For budget-friendly shoes, SHEIN delivers big time. I’m excited to keep exploring their massive online shoe store in seasons to come!

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