About Us

Envision a world where the allure of fashion is not confined within the boundaries of opulence, but where it graces the lives of all. This was the seed that planted the origins of our company back in 2012. It became apparent to us that fashion labels were ensnared in a paradox – a tug of war between extending diverse options and curbing inventory overload alongside wastage. We resolved to rewrite the narrative by pioneering innovative procedures and technology that would chart a course for fashion into tomorrow.

The heartbeat of our business model lies in our customers. They are the lifeblood propelling our expansion to a robust team approaching 10,000 employees, reaching across borders to serve in over 150 countries – all within a breath under a decade. As a digital torchbearer, we meet our customers on their own turf: through their mobile screens, the digital expanse of the web, and within the dynamic realm of social media.

We have risen through the ranks to become one of the most cherished shopping apps. By creating diverse channels of content right within the SHEIN platform, we’ve engaged our customers and reinvented the wheel of the online shopping experience. Our success lies in our continuous strive to transform fashion from a distant dream into an attainable reality, making it more accessible and less exclusive.


Fashion, like beauty, is no longer shackled by a singular, rigid definition. It has evolved into a multifaceted tapestry, reflective of the diversity of individual tastes, expressions, and personalities. We at SHEIN passionately believe in clothing as an extension of one’s self, a canvas for personal narratives, and a means to assert individuality.

In this spirit of empowerment, we aspire to provide a palette of possibilities for everyone, irrespective of their aesthetic inclinations. Our offerings stretch across a broad spectrum, ready to adorn any mood or mark any event. With SHEIN, fashion isn’t just a uniform to wear; it’s a universe to explore and express the unique self within each of us.


Steered by a mission to be a guiding star in the fashion industry, SHEIN is committed to catapulting fashion into the contemporary age. We wield the power of avant-garde technologies and refined processes, harnessing them in our design and sourcing strategies. This enables us to stay attuned to the ever-changing consumer preferences, craft fashionable merchandise swiftly, and expedite their journey to any corner of the globe.

Our audacious strides extend beyond mere industry participation to reshaping the fashion landscape itself. By nurturing our homegrown logistics and ecommerce technology, we are creating ripples of disruption across the fashion domain. This game-changing approach is ushering in a new era, fostering enriched outcomes for the entire fashion ecosystem, from manufacturers and suppliers to the end consumers.

SHEIN isn’t just responding to the shifts in the fashion industry. We’re driving them, serving as the architects of a new fashion future, one that’s more responsive, efficient, and accessible to all.

Digitally Empowered Agile Supply Chain

Matching the pulsating rhythm of demand, we’ve constructed an entirely digital supply chain, a high-tech conduit that effortlessly and speedily whisks our products to customers, no matter where on the globe they reside. Our custom-built software serves as our command center, tracking sales and facilitating real-time dialogues with our factories. This empowers us to order in nimble, small batches, finely attuned to the ebb and flow of customer demand.

Our digital supply chain is not just a feature of our business; it’s the nerve center that powers our operation. It’s what allows us to present a rich tapestry of on-trend styles without being ensnared by excess inventory waste or making our customers endure the grueling wait of weeks-long delivery times.

SHEIN’s magic lies in this digital dynamism. It’s an engine of efficiency, a marvel of modern technology, an innovation that catapults fashion forward while taking great care of our planet and respect for our customer’s time.